Monday, December 3, 2007

History of the O'Sullivan Clan

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to find a complete and well-researched history of the O'Sullivan clan, the most senior branch of the royal family of Ireland. The true meaning and significance of the O'Sullivan name is revealed and the clan tartan and battle flag are introduced. The castles, keeps, and grand houses of the family are reviewed, including Dunderry Castle.


julia herrmann said...

I am saddened and shocked that there is no way to gain back any of our castles or land holdings. In America the Indians were given back their rightfully lands and are paid hefty sums of money for being displaced 100's of years ago, yet a family so richly and deeply engrained in Ireland and it's history is basically erased from history by the British. Wasn't the damages Cromwell left enough proof that we were and still should be a recognized family? ~Julia Sullivan-Herrmann

Melvin Sullivan said...

Well said Julia.
I am in my mid sixties and only in the last year have I begun to read about our family's ancestors. The more I read the more upset I become at the way the English treated Ireland through the centuries. I was born in England and privately am increasingly embarrassed by the fact.
I can only trace my branch of the Sullivan family back to Tullow, Co.Carlow in the 1840s; but I know that although further information is now probably lost forever and I will never find out which branch of the family I am descended from, I certainly do share Milesian ancestors with all other Sullivans around the world.
Melvin Sullivan

Michael from Waringstown said...

Julia & Melvin,
To some extent both of you have missed the main point. Socrates would have got it! Our Milesian ancestors ensured that we remembered him and much of the Greek classic literature.
The legacy of our ancestors goes well beyond the material wealth; seen by so many of our contemporaries; as success; just look at all the famous and influential O'Sullivans throughout the world.
It is all too easy to simplify Irish history as domination by the English over the Irish. Yes the 'bully' boys of the last 400 years in Ireland were the English parliament (establishment) with their vested interests in moving wealth closer to their seat of power - London; but to 'tar' all Englishmen thus is just wrong. The Fitzgeralds and the de Courceys' both Anglo Norman adventurers feature prominently in my line (the O'Sullivan Bear) and my family was always proud of this blood.
You mention Cromwell - he equally penalised the 'old' English settlers who fought alongside the longer established Milesian settlers.
Do not think in terms of English, Irish, American colonists or American Indians but rather in terms of those who want to establish and nurture their own 'patch' or sphere of influence for the benefit of those within that domain as opposed to those who wish to remove resources back to their own 'patch' elsewhere.
To me the saddest element of Irish history was reflected by Don Philip O'Sullivan in 1621 "It was not the least of the misfortunes which afflicted that unhappy island, that the Irish chiefs levied war against each other, and the English, with the government of the country rested, not only permitted these feuds, but fanned and encouraged them, ..."" may be clearly gathered with what great zeal and diligence the English endeavoured the destruction of Irish, and how largely the Irish themselves aided their own destruction by assisting the English in order to injure one another."
When will we ever learn - we are still doing that!. Michael Harnett.