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The Clan Master Genealogical Chart

1596 Birth of Phoeniusa Farsaidh [1], king of Scythia
1571 Birth of Niul [2], lord of Capacyront
1546 Birth of Gaodhal [3], lord of Capacyront
1521 Birth of Asruth [4], lord of Capacyront
1496 Birth of Sruth [5], last lord of Capacyront
1471 Birth of Heber Scut [6], king of Scythia
1446 Birth of Beouman [7], king of Scythia
1421 Birth of Ogaman [8], king of Scythia
1396 Birth of Tait [9], last king of Scythia
1371 Birth of Agnon [10], chief brigand of the Caspian Sea
1346 Birth of Lamhfionn [11], last chief brigand of the Caspian Sea
1321 Birth of Heber Glunfionn [12], king of Gothia
1296 Birth of Agnon Fionn [13], king of Gothia
1271 Birth of Febric Glas [14], king of Gothia
1246 Birth of Nenuall [15], king of Gothia
1221 Birth of Nuadhad [16], king of Gothia
1196 Birth of Alladh [17], king of Gothia
1171 Birth of Arcadh [18], king of Gothia
1146 Birth of Deag [19], king of Gothia
1121 Birth of Brath [20], last king of Gothia
1096 Birth of Breoghan [21], king of Spain and Portugal
1071 Birth of Bile [22], king of Spain and Portugal
1046 Birth of Milesius [23], last king of Spain and Portugal
1021 Birth of Heber Fionn [24], Joint Ard Ri of Ireland
996 Birth of Conmaol [25], 12th Ard Ri of Ireland
971 Birth of Eochaidh Faobhar Glas [26], 17th Ard Ri of Ireland
946 Birth of Eanna Airgthach [27], 21st Ard Ri of Ireland
921 Birth of Glas [28], king of Munster
896 Birth of Ros [29], king of Munster
871 Birth of Rotheachta [30], king of Munster
846 Birth of Fearard [31], king of Munster
821 Birth of Cas [32], king of Munster
796 Birth of Munmoin [33], 25th Ard Ri of Ireland
771 Birth of Fauldergoid [34], 26th Ard Ri of Ireland
746 Birth of Cas Cedchaingnigh [35], king of Munster
721 Birth of Failbhe Iolcorach [36], king of Munster
696 Birth of Ronnach [37], king of Munster
671 Birth of Rotheachta [38], 35th Ard Ri of Ireland
646 Birth of Eliomh Ollfhionach [39], 36th Ard Ri of Ireland
621 Birth of Art Imleach [40], 38th Ard Ri of Ireland
596 Birth of Breas Rioghacta [41], 40th Ard Ri of Ireland
571 Birth of Seidnae Innaridh [42], 43rd Ard Ri of Ireland
546 Birth of Duach Fionn [43], 45th Ard Ri of Ireland
521 Birth of Eanna Dearg [44], 47th Ard Ri of Ireland
496 Birth of Lughaidh Iardhonn [45], 48th Ard Ri of Ireland
471 Birth of Eochaidh [46], 50th Ard Ri of Ireland
446 Birth of Lughaidh [47], 52nd Ard Ri of Ireland
421 Birth of Art [48], 54th Ard Ri of Ireland
396 Birth of Oilill Fionn [49], 56th Ard Ri of Ireland
371 Birth of Eochaidh [50], 57th Ard Ri of Ireland
346 Birth of Lughaidh Lagha [51], 60th Ard Ri of Ireland
321 Birth of Reacht Righ-dearg [52], king of Munster
296 Birth of Cobthach Caomh [53], king of Munster
271 Birth of Moghcorb [54], 72nd Ard Ri of Ireland
246 Birth of Fearcorb [55], 75th Ard Ri of Ireland
221 Birth of Adhambra Foltcain [56], 78th Ard Ri of Ireland
196 Birth of Niadhsedhaman [57], 83rd Ard Ri of Ireland
171 Birth of Ionadmaor [58], 87th Ard Ri of Ireland
146 Birth of Lughaidh Luaighne [59], 89th Ard Ri of Ireland
121 Birth of Cairbre Lusgleathan [60], king of Munster
96 Birth of Duach Dalladh Deadha [61], 91st Ard Ri of Ireland
71 Birth of Eochaidh Garbh [62], king of Munster
49 Birth of Muireadach Muchna [63], king of Munster
29 Birth of Loich Mor [64], king of Munster
9 Birth of Eanna Muncain [65], king of Munster
11 Birth of Dearg Theine [66], king of Munster
42 Birth of Dearg [67], king of Munster
73 Birth of Mogh Neid [68], king of Munster
104 Birth of Eoghan Mor [69], Joint Ard Ri of Ireland
135 Birth of Oilill Olum [70], king of Munster
170 Birth of Eoghan Mor II [71], crown prince of Munster
215 Birth of Fiacha Maolleathan [72], king of Munster
260 Birth of Oilill Flann-Beag [73], king of Munster
300 Birth of Lughaidh [74], king of Munster
340 Birth of Corc [75], king of Munster, lord of Cashel
380 Birth of Nathfraoch [76], crown prince of Munster
420 Birth of Aonghus [77], king of Munster, lord of Cashel
455 Birth of Felim [78], king of Munster, lord of Cashel
495 Birth of Crimthann [79], crown prince of Munster
535 Birth of Aodh Dubh [80], king of Munster, lord of Cashel
571 Birth of Finghin [81], last king of Munster, last lord of Cashel
606 Birth of Seachnasagh [82], lord of Knockgraffon
641 Birth of Fiachra na Gaircedh [83], lord of Knockgraffon
674 Birth of Flann Noba [84], lord of Knockgraffon
714 Birth of Dubhinracht [85], lord of Knockgraffon
754 Birth of Morough [86], lord of Knockgraffon
794 Birth of Moghtigern [87], lord of Knockgraffon
834 Birth of Maolura [88], lord of Knockgraffon
874 Birth of Eochaid (An Ui Suilleabhainn) [89]
914 Birth of Lorcan [90], lord of Knockgraffon
954 Birth of Buadhach Atha-Cra [91], lord of Knockgraffon
994 Birth of Aodh [92], lord of Knockgraffon
1034 Birth of Cathal [93], lord of Knockgraffon
1074 Birth of Buadhach O’Sullivan [94], lord of Knockgraffon
1114 Birth of Maccraith [95], lord of Knockgraffon
1134 Birth of Donal Mor [96], last lord of Knockgraffon
1166 Birth of Giolla Mochoda [97]
1200 Birth of Dunlong [98], the O’Sullivan Mor
1235 Birth of Murtagh Mor [99], the O’Sullivan Mor
1270 Birth of Bernard [100], the O’Sullivan Mor
1340 Birth of Dunlong [102], the O’Sullivan Mor
1375 Birth of Cragh [103], the last O’Sullivan Mor
1410 Birth of Donal [104], the O’Sullivan MacCragh
1444 Birth of Conor [105], the O’Sullivan MacCragh
1474 Birth of Eoghan [106], the O’Sullivan MacCragh
1504 Birth of Buodach [107], the O’Sullivan MacCragh
1534 Birth of Donogh (Dermot) [108], the O’Sullivan MacCragh
1564 Birth of Conor [109], the O’Sullivan MacCragh
1594 Birth of Owen [110], the O’Sullivan MacCragh
1624 Birth of Dermot [111], the O’Sullivan MacCragh
1654 Birth of Owen [112], the O’Sullivan MacCragh
1684 Birth of Dermot [113], the O’Sullivan MacCragh
1714 Birth of Sean O’Sullivan MacCragh [114]
1748 Birth of Seamus O’Sullivan MacCragh [115]
1788 Birth of Murtagh ‘Crah’ O’Sullivan MacCragh [116]
1816 Birth of Murtagh ‘Crah’ O’Sullivan MacCragh II [117]
1857 Birth of Mortimer James [118], O’Sullivan MacCragh
1890 Birth of Daniel Joseph I [119], O’Sullivan MacCragh
1920 Birth of Daniel Joseph II [120], O’Sullivan MacCragh
1947 Birth of Kathleen O’Sullivan MacCragh [121K]
1949 Birth of Daniel Joseph III [121D], O’Sullivan MacCragh
1955 Birth of Gary Brian [121G] O’Sullivan MacCragh
1965 Birth of Robert Barry [121R], O’Sullivan MacCragh
1967 Birth of Christine Ryan O’Sullivan MacCragh [122K-1]
1968 Birth of Daniel Joseph IV O’Sullivan MacCragh [122D-1]
1975 Birth of Leigh O’Sullivan Greiner [122D-2]
1981 Birth of Heather Anne O’Sullivan Ryan [122G-1]
1982 Birth of Jennifer Rileigh O’Sullivan MacCragh [122G-2]
1984 Birth of Patrick Brian O’Sullivan MacCragh [122D-3]
1988 Birth of Garryowen Brian O’Sullivan MacCragh [122G-3]
1994 Birth of Erin Alvey O’Sullivan MacCragh [122G-4]
1995 Birth of Robert Barryowen O’Sullivan II MacCragh [122R-1]
1996 Birth of Kelly Shea O’Sullivan MacCragh [123D-1-1]
1998 Birth of Megan Ann O’Sullivan MacCragh [123D-1-2]
1999 Birth of Donal Mor Connor O’Sullivan MacCragh [122G-5]
1999 Birth of Sean James O’Sullivan MacCragh [122R-2]
2006 Birth of Daniel Joseph O’Sullivan MacCragh [122R-3]
2006 Birth of Charles Richard Greiner II [123D-2-1]
2007 Birth of Vincent Justinian O’Sullivan Ryan [123G-1-1]
2007 Birth of Connor Sullivan McKinlay [123K-1-1]
Note: Documented primogeniture, as presented in O’Donovan’s Ordinance Survey, ends with Dermot [113]. The Book of Munster records the bloodline to Dermot [111]. Sean [114] and Seamus [115] are recorded in the Account Books of the Bantry House, Bantry, County Cork, Ireland. Murtagh [116] and Murtagh II [117] are listed in Griffiths Valuation. Mortimer [118] and Daniel [119] are found in the church records for the parish of Kilcasken, County Cork, Ireland. Daniel [120] and all of his progeny were born in the United States and have American documentation. All dates are approximate before 1857.

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